Corset back for Bridal$100 – $150
Bustle$30 per tuck
Hem for Bridal$100 and up
Sides in/Bridal$40 and up
Sides in/out for Bridesmaids$40 – $80
Straps$25 and up
Darts$30 and up
Sides out$40 and up
Hem/Bridesmaids or formals$30 and up 
Hem/Pants$12 and up
Jacket sleeves up$30 – $45
Suit resizing$20 – $80

Free consultations offered with appointment. 

All prices are subject to change and based on number of fittings and work that needs to be done. You will be quoted a price and work will be discusses and agreed upon prior to any work being done. 

Please ask for details. I am here to answer all of your alterations and special design questions and look forward to meeting you soon!